10th-29th October 2011

School of Health Sciences
Kampala International University, Bushenyi, Uganda

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The last week

We are now at the last week of the course. During this week the students have learned about how to use Drosophila as a model for studying complex behaviours such as courtship and aggression, as well as a model for human diseases. Now they are busy working in their final projects. They have paired in groups to perform the following short projects, which will help them to apply in one project everything that they have learned during the course:
Nelson sorting male pupae for the
for the aggression experiments

Group 1 (Jimmy and Yunusa): Will solve the controversy in the literature about the role of sensory input in crawling by testing the two sensory lines used in the literature PO163-Gal4 and 504-Gal4
Group 2 (Bolaji): Will test the role of chordotonal neurons in larval crawling and compare it to the role of pickpoket neurons.
Group 3 (Maureen, and Lucille): Will perform memory experiments in control and dunce mutants. They will perform two paradigms: larval olfactory associative memory assay, and proboscis extension habituation and sensitization assay.
Steven prepearing to perform antennogram
recordings in Drosophila

Group 4 (Nelson, Joseph, Sylviane): Will perform courtship and aggression experiments and they will test control flies and flies expressing the beta amyloid human protein that causes Alzheimer diseases.
Group 5(Goji, Abba, Ezekiel, Paulin): Will perform behavioural olfactory assays in adult and larvae of lab and wild Drosophila.
Group 6(Steve): Will try to perform antennograms and single sensillum recordings from Drosophila and Musca antennae.
Group 7 (Alfred, Sam, Ngattu): Will perform electroretinogram recordings in various species of insects, including Drosophila to compare the temporal resolution of their visual system.
They have to carry out the required literature research, built the experimental set-up, perform the experiments, analyze the data, and drawn conclusions. They will give a 15 minute PowerPoint presentation on Saturday in which they will introduce the problem and present their results and conclusions.
Here you can see some of the pictures from students engaged in doing their projects.
Lucille and Maureen setting up the
larvae memory experiments

Goji, Ezekiel, Afred, Abba and Paulin
prepearing the olfactory experiments
in adult Drosophila

The electroretinogram set up, now they have recorded from
grasshopers, Musca, and Drosophila! The set up consists of
an improvised pulse generator (with a computer and a custom
made inexpensive electrophysiology amplifier) connected to an
LED, and an electrophysiology set-up consisting of a custom made
amplifier connected to an ADinstruments acquisition board.

Sylviane checking out some flies
Paulin setting up the
larval olfactory essays

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